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What word comes to mind when someone says Volvo?  Safety.  Volvo is designed with the driver’s protection in mind.  So when work is performed on your car, you want to make sure the service and repair has the same level of care for you and your family.


Are you getting quality service from experienced technicians?


With your family’s safety in mind, you can’t trust your car service or repair to just anyone.  Technicians need to know what is necessary and what is not to keep the car running well and the driver as safe as possible.  All service and repair shops may not be prepared to handle the unique needs of your Volvo. The wrong work could end up costing you when it matters most. 


You should be able to trust the people working on your Volvo.


We understand how frustrating it can be to deal with a service facility that doesn’t seem to know exactly what your car needs.  Or how to tell you what is happening with your vehicle.  Our professional, experienced technicians have worked with thousands of vehicles just like yours to keep them on the road and at their best.  


Trust your Volvo to the European Auto Pros.


EuroHaus technicians are trained to keep your safety in mind as they work on your Volvo vehicle.  From the ever popular S60 and S90 sedans to the XC40, XC60, and XC90 SUV’s, they are prepared to perform oil changes and all regular mileage and time-based maintenance, check brakes, and repair your Volvo to get it safely back on the road.  


Most importantly, will make sure you understand exactly what is going on with your Volvo before any work is done to ensure you are getting the work you need from someone you can trust.  Trust the team at EuroHaus to keep your family’s safety in mind when performing work on your Volvo car or SUV.

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