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Mini’s are known for their unique styling and world-class handling, making them incredibly fun cars to own.  But having a Mini is more than just owning a car, it is being part of a family.  From the original two-door, hardtop Mini to the Countryman to the Mini Convertible, each owner brings their own style to the vehicle that makes it personal.


Are you getting quality service from experienced technicians?


Since Mini’s are unique cars, they require unique care.  Not every independent auto shop is experienced with these vehicles and knows what it takes to keep them in top condition.  Unnecessary repairs could cost you thousands of dollars and the wrong parts could mean another trip to the service shop and more time off the road. You should be able to trust the people working on  your Mini.


When something is this important to you, you deserve to have a service and repair specialist who understands and feels the same way about their cars. 


At EuroHaus, we understand how personal car ownership can be.  We feel the same way about our vehicles.  Our technicians have spent countless hours repairing and servicing Mini’s.  Some of them even own Mini’s and understand what makes these vehicles so special to their owners.


Whether it’s an oil change, a tune-up for track day, a serious repair, trust EuroHaus, the European Auto Pros are there to take care of you.  We will guide you to make the right decision for your Mini and won’t recommend unnecessary work.


Trust your Mini to the European Auto Pros.


Our technicians will make sure you understand exactly what is going on with your vehicle before any work is done to ensure you are getting the work you need from someone you trust.  And while you wait, we will make sure you’re comfortable.

Don’t trust just anyone to work on your Mini.  Trust the experienced professionals at EuroHaus for your next service or repair.

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