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“The best or nothing.”  That’s what you signed up for when you bought your Mercedes.  And when it comes to caring for your car, you should expect the same from an auto service and repair company.


However, not all independent service shops have the experience with Mercedes vehicles to ensure the necessary work is being done.  Without prior experience working on premium European brands, the wrong part or the wrong service could cost you more than the right service should have to begin with.


Taking your car to the dealership doesn’t guarantee the service professionals really know the car you drive or what it takes to keep it at its best.


Are you getting quality service from experienced technicians?


EuroHaus’ experienced technicians have experience working on the best vehicles in the world, specializing in Mercedes-Benz A-H Services on all models from the popular C-Class, to the leading edge E-class and the high performance S-Class. These vehicles require technicians who know what is required to keep these premium vehicles on the road and out of the shop.


You should be able to trust the people working on  your Mercedes-Benz.


Our goal is not only to make sure your car is serviced and repaired the way the manufacturer intended but to make sure you understand what work is truly necessary and why before we perform the work. And while you wait, we’ll try and make sure you are as comfortable as possible.


Trust your Mercedes-Benz to the European Auto Pros.


When you need regular service, including oil/filter changes and tune-ups or major repairs completed on your Mercedes-Benz vehicle, trust it to the team at EuroHaus, the Honest, Reliable Auto Service company serving Greensboro, Stokesdale, Summerfield and surrounding areas in central North Carolina.

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