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Porsche is one of the most prestigious automobile brands in the world.  And not only are they beautiful, high-performance vehicles but they are reliable as well.  When you sit behind the well, there is never any question that your Porsche is going to take you places and look good doing it.  This makes them incredibly valuable cars to own.  So when your Porsche needs work, you want it to be in the hands of someone who understands how special it is.


Are you getting quality service from experienced technicians?


Not every service and repair facility is equipped to handle cars of this caliber.  It requires experience to ensure one of the best car brands in the world gets the attention it deserves.  The wrong technician could do more damage than good working on your premium vehicle.  This could mean your car spending more time in the shop than out on the road with you in the driver’s seat.


You should be able to trust the people working on  your Porsche.


At EuroHaus, we understand how truly incredible Porsche’s are.  Our technicians have years of experience caring for Porsche models including all variations of the 911, the 718 Boxster, and the family-friendly Cayenne.  We have performed oil/filter changes, inspections, mileage and time-based services, and major repairs for Porsche models. 

Trust your Porsche to the European Auto Pros.


Our team is trained to look and listen for what is going on with your vehicle.  They will make sure you understand exactly what is going on with your Porsche before any work is done to ensure you are getting the work you need from someone you can trust.

When your premium car needs premium care, trust EuroHaus to give it the attention it deserves.

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