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Luxury Service & Southern Hospitality 



About Us

EuroHaus was born from a simple concept and core belief of its founding team. TRUST! The mission at EuroHaus is to earn your trust by delivering an exceptional and consistent experience each and every time.


This begins with open and constant communication. EuroHaus is dedicated to equipping every customer with the knowledge and information they need to make an educated decision based on the diagnostic findings of our highly trained technicians. The health of a vehicle can be similar to that of a person. Doctors make the best recommendations possible based on the collection of available information. Just as doctors do their best to promote healthy living and solve medical challenges for patients, every member of the EuroHaus Team is committed to encouraging healthy practices and strategies to promote vehicle vitality.


The EuroHaus Team consists of the finest this industry has to offer including a sincere customer service team, extremely knowledgeable customer advisors, and some of the highest skilled technicians found in the industry, all focused on minimizing your loss of time and convenience while keeping expenses reasonable.


If you own a BMW, Mini Cooper, Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Volvo or Range Rover in need of anything from a factory-level service to major engine repair, the EuroHaus Team stands ready to serve.


Both you and your European automobile will receive only the best care because you are more than a customer, you are family. At EuroHaus you can expect Luxury Service given with Southern Hospitality - our Haus is your House!

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