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Volkswagen is well known as the people’s car.  Designed for efficient gas mileage and known for their efficient engines, they are loved by their owners and maintained to stay on the road.


Are you getting quality service from experienced technicians?


While your VW is designed to last and has longer recommended service intervals, it requires the right maintenance at the right time.  Not all independent repair shops are knowledgeable enough to handle your car’s unique needs.  Even if the shop has Volkswagen printed on the outside of the building, the technicians may not be experienced enough to know if or when something needs to be serviced.


The wrong work can be a waste of your time and money or worse, it could result in your car needing additional attention.

You should be able to trust the people working on your Volkswagen.


At EuroHaus we understand the importance cars have in our life.  They are more than just a mode of transportation.  Volkswagen cars are passed down to children and driven for decades.  We understand because cars hold the same place in our lives.  With experienced technicians and service advisers, we have helped thousands of VW customers get back on the road where their cars belong.


Trust your Volkswagen to the European Auto Pros.


Our technicians are ready to help keep your car on the road with regular maintenance, oil changes, and other mileage based service.  And if a major repair is needed for your Beetle, Golf, GTI, Jetta or other Volkswagen model, they are prepared to walk you through what is necessary to get your car back on the road.  


Our knowledgeable technicians are ready to make sure you have someone you can trust to take care of your car.

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